SouthwestMed is transforming primary care. We are ensuring patients have a superior experience, engaging patients and putting them in control of their health.  

Health care today requires strong IT systems; data, accessibility and transparency of your medical information.  We are creating a health system where patients are at the center of their care and providers have a seamless ability to securely access and use health information from different sources to make more informed and efficient decisions.  We empower patients to use their health information; enabling providers and communities to deliver smarter, safer, and better quality care.


SouthwestMed focuses on social determinants of health. Where you live, work, and/or go to school all play a part in your overall health. Health starts in the home and knowing our patients as individuals we can proactively figure out how we can create the social and physical environments that promote good health.

SouthwestMed is a leading provider of health care focused toward a primary care-led, value-based clinical model.

SouthwestMed works to improve quality, deliver a first-rate patient experience, and lower costs in the communities they serve and allow providers and staff a more enjoyable work environment.


SouthwestMed provides comprehensive primary care services integrated tightly with pharmacists, nurses and social workers to meet the full suite of patient needs. The clinics serve the full adult continuum, with a strong focus on Seniors and Medicare patients.

SouthwestMed enables primary care providers to have a greater focus on proactive care and direct more resources to patients needing extra support outside of the office visit. We are transforming healthcare.

Our Mission

Your care is our priority, where your care comes first.

We focus on value-based healthcare, a healthcare delivery model in which our providers, focus on patient health outcomes and quality. When delivering value-based care, providers help patients improve their health, reduce the effects and incidence of chronic disease, and live healthier lives in an evidence-based way.

Our Vision

Become the recognized leader in the community for Primary Care Healthcare services

We aim to improve the quality of healthcare outcomes, while working to ensure that there is a decrease in rising healthcare costs, all while providing patients with a superior experience, and improving the well-being of our healthcare teams.

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